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Nearing the end of the tunnel!

Phew!  Now that was a crazy semester.  I only have one week left before FREEDOM!  It has seriously been so busy I had absolutely no free time to write for myself or create any art.  But it was a pretty good first semester.  (I imagine, after this, I can survive just fine for the rest of my academic career here!)

It is funny… a lot of people stress out about finals week.  I have never had a problem with finals week.  Tests usually don’t bother me that much, though I do know people who have major test anxiety!  The part of the end-of-the-semester that I  find most stressfult is actually the week before Finals… Project week.  I swear I had a project and/or paper due in nearly all of my classes!  I had a documentary, a web site, two research proposals, and two oral presentations plus I had to watch over one of my professor’s classes.  (I am his T.A., so it is in the job-description!) Needless to say, I got very little sleep this last week!  Next week will be slightly better.  I have a 20pg essay, a blog entry, my final research topic proposal, an evaluation, a mock-research proposal and a take-home vocabulary test due.  … but most of that involves writing.  I only have one actual Final test next week!

Yesterday we all went to Missoula to visit my brother and I actually managed not to spend much money!  (Kind of hard to shop for everyone’s Christmas presents when they are right there with you!  … plus I still don’t know what I am getting everyone.)  … for my niece and nephews, however, I am making amigurumi crocheted toys.  I have been getting pretty good at it!  I am making Studio Ghibli stuff for the kids.  (i.e. Totoro and Jiji from “Kiki’s Delivery Service”)  and an Angry Bird for baby David.  To top that off I will be going uptown sometime next week to the Secondhand bookstore to buy them a TON of books.  (They hardly have any!… and have you seen how much kids books cost brand new!?!  Egads!)

Of course, by the end of the day in Missoula we were all tired (and Dad wasn’t feeling too hot since he caught the crud that is going around,) so I ended up having to drive us all home.  Missoula is about an hour and a half away from home… and it was dark out.

I haven’t driven at highway speeds in quite a long time!  Japan’s Expressways are not exactly speeder-friendly… not to mention expensive to run on.  Plus the speed limit is a lot slower there! It was kind of freaky driving that fast at first… Thankfully there was a full moon out!  It went a long way to helping me see.  (I swear I am going night blind!)  Well, at least we made it home in one piece!

Tomorrow I have got to get things moving!  We still haven’t put up our Christmas tree!  That is my next goal (along with all of my writing assignments!)

Wish me luck!