Grad School is kicking my butt!

Ha ha ha! Homework is kicking my butt… but I am still enjoying being a student. (I returned to school as a graduate student in Technical Communications this Fall.)

This weekend we were assigned a boatload of reading to do. Basically it amounts to a small textbook! I have several essay/wiki blogs to write, a couple of mini research projects, proposals for a microstudy in technical communications, a webpage to start building, a quiz on building webpages, a 15 slide animation for digital video productions, IRB certification to finish, footage to film… o_O; And this is all to finish up “slush” week before we begin to dive into the “real” studying!

Yep, I am going to die!

But I love it! The Technical Communications dept. feels like it was designed just for me! So far my favorite classes are Intercultural Communications (because I can relate easily to this subject because of my years in Japan and feel I have something good to offer the class) and Digital Video Design (because I have always wanted to learn good editing skills!)

While I can still feel my brain oozing out of my ears… I also feel like I am actually using all that gray-matter that has been lying dormant up there for years! I still don’t like talking in class or speaking up too much in discussions… but I have some awesome classmates who have made me feel right at home. I even somehow ended up being a bit of a tutor to one of them. (I get paid in lunches! Yay!)

Now, I just need to find a part, part-time job to help pay for a “new” car. My little Ford Escort’s master cylinder is done for… it is just not worth it to sink money into more repairs! There is currently a deal in the works to get me a car that is a couple years older than me… but a bit of a classic! Hopefully I hear back from them soon. It has a wonderfully smooth drive, power-steering and fully functional, locking doors! … Oh, how I miss those things!

Well… back to the homework!


About Mari-chan

I once lived abroad in Japan, teaching English. Now I am back in my hometown of Butte, Montana attending school as a MSTC candidate at Montana Tech where I now seem to spend all my hours! View all posts by Mari-chan

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